Kamon // Set of 50 + // Mixed Designs

The Kamon set is a tribute to the massive and elegant library of Japanese family crests that can be found today, and throughout history.  We were drawn to their simple but beautiful designs and dug through piles of artwork to curate a very minimal, beautiful set.  All tattoos are pre-cut, non-toxic, and ready to wear. Perfect for pairing with bracelets, rings, wearing as a small detail accessory or sharing with friends.

>Designs will last on body anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on body placement and are easily removable with soap and water.
>Set contains 50+ tattoos, each 1" or smaller: 20 mixed designs
>Unless otherwise specified, mixed set comes in standard black.
>Shipping/mailing additional flat rate.

Collections: Tiny Tattoos

Type: Tiny tattoo

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